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Hello darlings!

It's been more than a month since the last time I shared an outfit I've put together with you guys, so I thought I'd share this one today in collaboration with Romwe.

I love wearing this shirt because it turns into such an effortless outfit to pull out. All you really need is a pair of black pants and heels, and you're all set. Adding accessories such as a watch and clutch is optional, however it does make the outfit appear more complete and less empty. Effortless, but presentable for all occasions, especially formal ones.

The flower embroidery, along with the ruffled details, gives a unique elegance and feel to the shirt. Definitely one to wear if I want to stand out, but lack time to plan another outfit.

You can get the shirt HERE.

love, Elizabeth



Location: 2 Darling Street, South Yarra, Melbourne | Local time: 01:49 AM

As mentioned in my previous post, Alexandra and Tsutsumi came for a visit to Melbourne recently. With all three of us being reunited, we decided to go café hopping to discover the not-so-hidden treasures of Melbourne. One of the cafés that has officially been added to my ever-growing list of Favourite Cafés in Melbourne is Darling Café in South Yarra.

Let's not even talk about the sentimental value it had on me just by hearing the name of the place! They even have coffees with "DARLING" printed on them, which if you haven't noticed already, is a word I adore. It's also a wordplay on my middle name, hence why it feels even more personal to me.

Before coming here, I had been weirdly craving Pad Thai for a while, and to my surprise, Darling Café had it on their menu. They conveniently had some Asian dishes at a brunch place. Sweet. I ordered the Pad Thai of course, though I didn't expect anything spectacular. Their speciality is breakfast and brunch anyway. But oh my, was I wrong. The Pad Thai was probably the best dish out of all the ones we ordered, which by the way was super tasty as well!

Since then, I've already been back once for the Acai Bowl that you can see on the top left in the picture above. Not only is it refreshing, but it's also very filling for the stomach and healthy for the soul. It's a great option if you want something healthy and tasty at the same time.

They usually have a waiting list of around 15-20 minutes for a table during peak time, but I can tell you that it's definitely worth it!

Until next time! x



Location: 50 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Australia | Local time: 6:09 PM

For those of you that don't know, Alexandra and Tsutsumi are sisters and co-founders of Candid That and the upcoming label Brie. We also happen to be blood-related as cousins. A lot has changed for us this year, and one major change is that we have all moved to Australia. They in Sydney, and I in Melbourne. It's an hour long flight away from each other, but at least we're in the same country. There is just something very reassuring about that.

I haven't seen them since August, when they briefly came back to Oslo to surprise all of us. This time around they decided to come for a short visit to Melbourne, making it Alexandra's third and Tsutsumi's first time here.

First up on the agenda was of course brunch, and it wasn't difficult to decide where to go at all. The famous Kettle Black is located just downstairs from our apartment, so there we went.

I've already known from being in Melbourne for around two months that the coffee from Kettle Black is amazing, but sadly never got to try the food because it's really hard to get a table during peak hour. So this time around we made sure to show up after normal lunch time, and got ourselves a table.

Me and Tsutsumi went pretty basic and got eggs on sourdough with avocado on the side, but Alexandra chose the flowery hotcake. I found the hotcake pretty tasty, but Alexandra and Tsutsumi didn’t enjoy it much. It can definitely be a little bit too much for one person as well. I've personally never seen anyone finish a hotcake by themselves, so I think it would be best to have it as a share dish.

with love, elizabeth



Location: Melbourne, Australia | Local time: 12.53 am
The rare times I actually go shopping, I tend to always look for basics that can be worn times and times again without anyone really noticing. So basically black, white, and sometimes grey.

Lately, however, I’ve only been on the lookout for bold statement pieces that can really compliment my style and at the same time make me stand out. Anything that’s weird and colorful. Patterns, no patterns. Anything.

I went to ZARA the other day, and I saw this oddly-looking denim jacket with furry details on the arms just hanging on the racks. At a store filled with people, no one even cared to look at the jacket. It did look weird to me as well, but I still went and tried it on just because I was curious. And boy did I love it!

It’s not a normal denim jacket, and definitely one to make people turn their heads for a second glance.

I always get compliments from strangers when wearing this jacket.

I also got a weird look from a little boy, asking me why I had the "fluffy things" on my jacket. Answer is.. Why not?

So don’t judge anything based off how they look on the racks. Try it on. It might look way cuter on you than you would expect.

Have the best day!



Location: Melbourne, Australia

H e y   a l l !

I'm finally blogging from Australia!

For those that don't know, I've temporarily moved to Melbourne on a one-year working holiday visa. I was also here last year for six months as an exchange student, and I just couldn't resist the temptation of going back.

After a year as a full-time student and part-time waitress, I finally managed to come back here. Being a third year college student, I experienced a lot of stress and doubt. But I had one goal and motivation to keep working hard, and it was the fact that I was closer to getting on the plane to the land Down Under. A place I have grown so fond to that I can call it my second home.

I don't know what it is about this part of the world, but I always feel way more motivated and happy when I'm here. I also don't have the same load of stress and responsibilities as I did back home, and I can look for other opportunities of my own here. The fast-approaching summer season is a great helper to this level of happiness as well. Otherwise, if I was still in Norway during this cold and dark time, I'd be depressed as I always am every winter. That's just what the cold combined with constant darkness does to you I guess.

This marks my third time here, and the duration of my stay keeps getting longer each time. Who knows? Maybe one day my visa will be a permanent one.
All in all, I'm gLAD to finally be back in my home away from home.



Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Thinker & Dreamer is a minimalistic café located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, though somewhat hidden on the third and fourth floor inside an old building that can easily be unseen.

The building is filled with concept cafés and small fashion boutiques, spread on multiple levels. Thinker & Dreamer itself is rather small, but seems to be decorated with a lot of thought and effort (and dreams). Even the menu had a little camera symbol on drinks that are "photogenic", specially made for people who enjoy taking flatlays to publish on their social media.

Which I really liked, but..

One thing I didn't like about this café is that they don't allow you to take pictures with your professional camera, unless you pay a fee. Which I think should already been included in the price of the drinks that they make, which are pretty pricy compared to other coffee shops.

A nicely decorated and highly photogenic café attracts customers like myself who enjoy taking pictures at nice locations, and therefore, such actions from customers should be expected. In my opinion, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of people wanting to go to Thinker & Dreamer, when they highly promote their pretty drinks in a modern environment. This is also why we pretty much only ended up taking pictures in the hallways instead.

Other than that, it's a very pretty and cute little café of two levels with a nice view over the main street of Ho Chi Minh City. Just make sure you leave your camera at home.

You can check out their Instagram HERE.

Love, Elizabeth



Location: Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Just a couple of years back, I used to hate the nature and everything that came with it - grass, flowers, trees, insects..

I'm definitely still not a big fan of insects, but up until I was 20, I always refused to even step on grass, let alone walk on it. I couldn't even walk underneath trees, fearing that insects would fall on my head. Now, I can't even resist the temptation of jumping into any areas with nice greens and pretty flowers. This day was no exception.

I visited the Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens for two reasons; to take pictures at the Botanical Gardens, and to look at monkeys at the zoo. Man, must I say that the decision to literally jump into the bushes to take pictures was a sacrifice of my legs. A sacrifice to the mosquitos and God knows what else.

Nonetheless, it was a successful day, and I got to capture some good moments.

Have a great day! x